Rochester by Night

Arrival Scene 1; Train yard

O-mar gawd!!!

The new arrivals turned toward the accused brujah almost in unison, and subconsciously moved away him slightly. His eyes darted back and forth quickly, looking either for an immediate threat or perhaps an escape route.

Leonora and Marcel shrank away from Omar even more so than the others, she having no real reason to trust Omar or these newly met kindred, and he not wanting to act first on the wrong impulse. Whether this was a test of obedience in which Omar was the sacrifice, or whether he truly was a sabbat plant, it was worth taking as many moments as were afforded to figure it out.

Daniel tried to get a read on prince Patterson. He was a stone. His face showed only conviction, and his finger still stuck like a spear through the air at Omar. The young-looking woman and elderly gentleman took a few steps away from the car, one in each direction. Mr. Poole took two steps back from the car, and moved his hand to the stock of his shotgun. Omar’s skin turned the slightest shade toward ashen. He was using his vitae. Alan was turning toward the elders, as if he was going to address them. Perhaps it was best to wait a moment. Just in case, he burned some blood of his own and created a shadow tendril behind Omar, and slithered it between his feet, ready to trip him up if he tried to run.

Ryan’s head lifted at the sound of Omar’s pleading. "Orangutan ambulance tile? Wait…wait, no. Are you sure? Because I was going to share my chimichanga with that guy. That didn’t sound right. “ A few eyebrows raised while eyes shifted to Alan, who addressed the elders. “Prince Patterson, may I humbly propose that we conduct a short experiment to see if Omar is truly a Sabbat spy? I have something of a talent for interrogation.”

“What the f…Interro…“, Omar muttered .

The prince’s forehead creased with displeasure at the neonate’s insubordination, but a few words from the smiling young woman to his left smoothed them. Of the kindred on the train, only Daniel made out most of what she said. The prince smiled with half of his mouth, “Very well, Mr. Ramsey. Proceed.”

“Omar?” Ryan’s left arm extended suddenly, wildly firing a finger gun. “What the Milky Way?! Wow! That’s loud!”

Alan turned to face Omar, and showed the brujah the palms of his hands reassuringly. He smiled a very calming smile. The young ventrue had the full attention of everyone in the rail car. (Awe: 3 successes) “Omar, confess to us which sect you are loyal to!” (Mesmerize: 4 successes)

Omar opened his mouth to speak, but made no sound. The flesh on his face shook as he struggled to speak, or perhaps to not. “I – I am… of course…. I …” The brujah’s lips curled and his fangs protruded. His head took on a ruddy hue, perhaps as blood rushed to it. His hands folded into fists as his neck burst open along both sides. A fine spray of vitae misted the air and several long, red, sinewy tendrils erupted from the flesh. They whipped about violently, six in all, three from each side and each with a pointed tooth on the end.

Three of them struck Alan, two in the abdomen, one in the neck. (1 aggravated wound after soaks) The young ventrue reeled in pain, the wound in his neck burning from under the skin. The others whipped in all directions, one barely missing Marcel, one causing Cassidy to fall over avoiding it, and one catching Daniel deeply in the front of his right shoulder. (2 aggravated wounds!) He grimaced in pain and couldn’t help but notice an acrid, burnt smell. In seconds, his right arm began to tingle with numbness.

Ryan spoke to his left hand, “Tiffany, no! Use your words. Violence never solves any- am I the only person that sees a dialog bubble above my head?” He turned to the unfamiliar Kindred. “You guys can see that, right? No?” His hand continued to fire. Omar spun Alan around, holding him closely in an effort to shield himself. Alan could feel his face going numb. “Alright, clearly you feel the need to act out. I normally encourage that kind of proactive creativity, but can’t you see that Debbie Gibson,” the gangrel held up the nub of his right elbow, “just needs peace and quiet?”

What do you do? This will be the start of a combat round. I’m not going to adhere to the roll initiative/declare actions order strictly given the nature of the medium we are using and how long or not it might take somebody to respond. You can ask questions, declare actions, or simply state your goals for your character for next three or so seconds of story time, and I’ll smooth it out.

Alan – 1 agg, 6 blood, -1 dice pools (effect)
Daniel – 2 aggs, 6 blood, -2 dice pools (-1 wounds, -1 effect)
Leonora – 6 blood
Marcel – 6 blood
Ryan – 5 aggs, 7 blood, 1 willpower, –2 dice (wounds)
Cassidy – ????



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