Rochester by Night

Arrival Scene 1; Train Yard 2

Maybe the elders were on to something...

The shadow tentacle at Omar’s feet coiled tightly around his foot, and three more reached out from the darkness behind, grabbing him around the waist and neck. The toothed tendrils struck at the shadow quickly, slicing and poking at it as if they had minds of their own.

Alan fought against Omar’s hold on him for a moment, but realized he would not be able to break the brujah’s vice-like grip. He decided instead to be as small a hindrance to his comrade’s targetting as possible, and curled his legs up and his arms in as tightly as he could. If Omar wanted a hundred and sixty pound shield, he’d have to hold it up. “Omar, you don’t want to do this, man! Calm down!” The guttural growl and snap of his teeth at the ventrue’s neck convinced Alan there was no chance at talking him down. Omar was gone. The beast was in control.

One of Daniel’s arms of the abyss broke from the damage inflicted by the whipping hooks. Omar was pulling against the others, holding Alan with only one arm now. The young lasombra lifted his pistol to fire, and found it weighed a ton. The wound in his shoulder stung sharply as he tried to take aim, but his trigger finger was on a delay. The shot missed wide right.

“Oh come on!” Ryan could be heard to shout. “Who does that? I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going!” He was reaching for his gun with his non-existent right hand, realized it, and grabbed it with his left. Laboriously, he began to stand. It required maximum effort.

Leonora stepped cautiously behind the crazed brujah, looking for an opportunity to reach him. When it came, she jumped forward and grazed the back of his neck with her fingertips. A neck tendril immediately lashed back, but she had already withdrawn.

Marcel couldn’t believe his eyes. He felt a pang of sympathy for his clan mate, but in the next moment wondered if anything he’d ever known about him was the truth. He picked up the broken bottom of an old wooden pallet and twisted off a two foot piece of dried two by two. He hoped he didn’t have to use it.

Malone was on his feet and found a firing window. It put Alan at risk of getting hit, but it was the best chance he was going to get. “This scene may contain depictions BLAM of graphic violence BLAM that may be unsuitable for BLAM children.” Omar’s body shook with each muzzle flash as the shots hit their mark, each coming precariously close to hitting Alan. Even frenzied, Omar staggered back, pushed by the .45 rounds and pulled by the shadow tentacles. As he struggled, his skin began to shrink and his flesh withered. His wild eyes sunk into their sockets and his lips curled as they shrunk away from each other, leaving a menacing corpse-smile on the kindred’s face. “OH! That’s gotta hurt!”

All six of the neck tendrils whipped at the gangrel, who bobbed his head to avoid one of them and was just out of reach of the rest. Daniel passed his pistol to his left hand and took aim, his right arm almost completely numb. He and Ryan fired continuously, pushing Omar’s withered body up against the back wall of the container car. Alan rolled clear, pulled his pistol, and joined in. Chunks of Omar’s torso flew away and he screamed with hellish agony at each impact, his limbs and tendrils twitching like the legs of a squished spider. When his body finally gave up on him and he slumped to the floor, the blood red tendrils retreated back into his neck… and then erupted from the top of his head.

Post fight essential stats:
Alan – 1 agg, 6 blood, -1 dice pools (effect)
Daniel – 2 aggs, 5 blood, -2 dice pools (-1 wounds, -1 effect)
Leonora – 5 blood
Marcel – 6 blood
Ryan – 5 aggs, 7 blood, 1 willpower, –2 dice (wounds)
Cassidy – ????

Nobody frenzied, though Alan had to push back some panic. Healing Aggs requires a days rest and 5 blood points.

You can use the comments to talk in or out of character and ask me questions. We’ll go free form with it.

Cassidy is standing deep inside the car, mouth agape, clutching a bent piece of aluminum pipe.



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