Rochester by Night

Humble Beginnings Indeed

Highlander Ho!

The sounds of the prince’s limousine have just faded when a second vehicle can be heard approaching. Mr. Poole reminds everyone to gather whatever things they may have had in the rail car and hop down. A white, older model passenger van pulls up. It is the large variety, like a church might have to take the youth group to its softball game, or to pick up elderly members of the congregation before service on Sunday.

Mr. Poole smiles, “A limousine would attract too much attention where we are going.”

The van is spacious enough that you won’t have to touch anyone if you don’t want to.

The Sheriff offers a hand to Leonora, the rest of you can manage on your own. He does not acknowledge the driver, but sits in the front next to her. He sends a quick text before you are on your way.

The tracks were in a manufacturing park, and it’s a few minutes before you see anything resembling a viable hunting ground. You head south on a freeway, and road signs eventually tell you that you are in a place called Henrietta, a suburb city by the looks of it.

During the trip, Mr. Poole explains that you will be staying in one of Mr. Willoghby’s properties. It is ‘out of the way’ of normal kindred activity, but it is within the elder’s domain, and the prince’s protections and influence extend fully to the small town.

“You will be free to move about, but please limit yourselves to Henrietta. Stay north and west of 390 if you can help it. The further west you get past West Henrietta Road, the less there is to see. If you get to Gennesee River, turn around.

“You should be able to contact whomever you need to in Toledo to arrange for your things, if you wish. I’m sure you have servants or property you are eager to check on. From what I have heard, the kine are not in the streets again tonight in your former home city, but there were similar incidences in surrounding areas. Detroit is still in a bit of turmoil, it seems.”

You don’t get far from the freeway when the van pulls into an old motel. Only one of the three lights in the parking lot works. A neon sign struggles to flash ‘NO VACANCY’, and above it a painted sign is so faded that it takes a moment to discern that it says “Highlander Motel”. There is a sedan in the lot with its engine running. As you disembark, a gray-haired gentleman steps from the back seat of the idling car. He is dressed in brown slacks, shined shoes, a long wool coat, and is wearing leather gloves. His head is balding, and his eyes are bright behind wire-rimmed glasses. Mr. Poole steps to him, they exchange a few words, and walk toward you.

The sheriff presents you each to the man by name, and then introduces him formally. “I give you Mr. Gordon Willoghby, Brujah primogen. It is by his grace and good standing with your former prince that you have come to be here. I leave you now in his very capable hands.” The fancy man bows with a flourish, and skips his way back to the van as though he might begin to dance. Daniel heard him humming softly.

[Let’s fore-go introductions to GW and assume they go well. He is relaxed and easy going, much in contrast to the prince. He has the bearing of a college professor and perhaps reminds you of a favorite uncle.

You may ask questions of Mr. Poole during the ride over, if you wish. I will answer them in-thread. The same with Mr. Willoghby. You may role-play as little or as much as like.]

“You will each have a room to yourself. The windows are barred and secure, the drapes adequate for your needs. There are no security cameras until you get to the filling station up the street. The motel’s attendant is Craig. He’s one of my best servants, and will be here during the day and early evenings. Call him if you need anything. Keep your electronic communications mundane or coded. It’s safest to assume everything you send from a computer or telephone can be intercepted.

“You’ll find the best hunting on either side of Jefferson Road. There is a bit of night life there. Just about everything east of this freeway here is residential, if that suits you more. As always, discretion is paramount. As you are all here as my guests, I am responsible for your behavior… but I am sure that won’t be problem.”

[NOTE: While I am using google maps to explore the actual city of Rochester and it’s surrounding areas, I am in no way trying to make it resemble reality. I am only referencing real life for land marks, street names, etc, and inspiration]



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