Rochester by Night


A fine how-do-you-do

Each character in turn makes their version of an introduction of themselves to the Prince. Base roll CHR + ETIQ, modified by circumstance/merits/flaws/whaterver I deem appropriate #Hailtotheking

Alan: -2 diff Enchanting Voice. -4 dice for overriding princes decree in front of assembled kindred, -1 dice wound in neck, +2 difficulty, face and neck are numb ROLL: X,X,X,X,X,8,8

[I hate Dylan, he is a poopy-pants] The prince speaks “Your experiment was completely uncalled for, Mr. Ramsey. His guilt was known. If you wish to succeed here, I suggest you take the word of your elders seriously. I will not long tolerate insubordination. That goes for all of you.” [CHR + INTIMIDATION = 4 successes at diff YOUR WILLPOWER here’s only the dice that are 5 or better: 5,7,7,9,10. You should consider your character impressed with, and frightened by, the prince. The more success he has against your willpower score, the moreso. He did not employ any disciplines.

Daniel: ROLL: 4,4 Rose: “Well hello, tall dark and…darker.” wink “I’ll take him.” Patterson: “We will talk soon, Mr. Drummond.”

Leonora: ROLL: 4,5,5,6,8,9,10 The Prince welcomes you, and assures you will be comfortable in Rochester. He hasn’t had a member of your family in the city in quite some years, and looks forward to getting to know you. There is always a place for grace and sophistication in his fiefdom.

Marcel: ROLL: 4,6,7,7,10,10
!!!!! The prince welcomes you warmly and predicts you will have great success here. Your primogen is Gordon Willoghby, who is off making preparations for your accomodations as we speak, you should meet him later tonight. He goes on to mention how fond he is of your elder in Toledo and how eager Gordon will be to meet you.

Ryan: ROLL: 1,5,9,10 The prince welcomes you and commends you for your obvious sacrifices made getting the troupe here safely. Mr. Poole is concerned at your condition, and urges you to take some down time.

NOTE TO PLAYERS – Ryan Malone was always a quiet, stoic, brooding type. The Daffy Duck routine is new.

Cassidy: ROLL: 2 successes. The prince is happy to have her, and Virgil invites her to come with him from here.

" The rest of you will be going with Mr. Poole. He is my Sheriff, and you will follow his instructions carefully. We have made accomodations for you. You will stay there, as Mr. Wiloghby’s guests, for the time being."

Poole makes a phone call, informing someone he has some trash for him to clean up.

You may interact with each other and the NPCs. Patterson, Zimmerman, and Thorne are getting back into the limo. Poole asks everyone to come downand not disturb the remain. He has people coming for it.




Leonora graciously accepts Prince Patterson gratuity in allowing her into his city. Stating “Grazie, I look forward to a new beginning in this city. It will be a pleasure getting to know you as well.”

After Patterson, Zimmerman, and Throne proceed back to the limousine, Leonora thanks Mr. Poole for assisting them in getting reestablished in the city. She also asks him “Have you seen anything like that before (referring to the state Omar was in and the change in his physical appearance)? It strikes me as odd that a Brujah would have that ability. Thoughts?”

(Ps: Nick told me that what happened was not normal and would be strange to us. I’m still learning a lot with certain thing in the World of Darkness lore. So I imagine my character to be curious about the situation and perhaps maybe even want to study what happened.)

After hearing Ryan Malone’s strange outburst about Maggie Smith, she gives him a very quizzical glance and then turns back to speaking with Mr. Poole.


(Doing a quick scan of Ms. Thorne as she leaves to provide any additional details. One of them has the ability to determine allegiances. That would be interesting and valuable to have)
“I have a feeling knowing you will be quite interesting, Ms. Thorne. And I had no doubt that we will speak further, Prince Patterson. Anything I can do to be of assistance.”
Once they begin to walk away, I will follow the rest to Mr. Poole’s vehicle. I will also pull shadows to me. If I can’t use one arm, for the time being, I will make use of the weapons available to me.
“I take it that my kind aren’t normally found in this city, Mr. Poole. Do you predict any trouble from the… Kindred in the city? I don’t exactly intend to go broadcasting what I am, but you never know…”


Alan takes note of his current condition and thinks to himself “Now how exactly am I supposed to get a drink while I look like a horror movie prop?”

Speaking to Mr. Poole “I do hope there will be a change of clothes available for me. Omar’s gone and ruined my suit, and this is no way for a newcomer to present himself.”


OMG I MISSED THIS!!! Sorry Dylan. Go ahead and tag me for an emial notice when you post, better safe than sorry!

The sheriff takes a befuddled second look at the neonate. “My charge is to deliver you safely to Mr. Willoghby. While I can appreciate your desire to look your best, I’m afraid I have no stake in providing anything for you other than a ride. Perhaps inquire with the good professor when you meet him?”


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