Rochester by Night

Night 2, The Library

How to Make Friends and Influence Dead People

The interior of the public library is open and spacious. There is plenty of room for kindred to move about without having to intrude upon private conversations. The vestibule of the main floor is open all the way to the skylights in the ceiling, with a balcony of deep bookshelves wrapping around three sides. The lights are low and glow warmly, giving an almost candlelit ambience to the entire space. The wooden railings, trim, and bookcases all glow with polished butternut stain.

Owen Preston walks with Marcel, introducing him to the few kindred present, and others as they arrive. It is not long before Leonora and Alan arrive, and Gustav likewise shows them around, mingling casually as they go. Gordon Willoghby makes an appearance, and soon is seen walking with Daniel and Ryan.

Kindred continue to arrive, and there are blood dolls available to those who are so inclined. The blood dolls are generally congregated near the front of the vestibule, and your escort will explain that these mortals are treated well, and properly handled so as not to violate the masquerade. They are seated on leather-cushioned benches and chairs, most engaged with each other. The men are shirtless and shaven, the women dressed elegantly in strapless evening gowns or flowing silk blouses and short skirts. All are adorned so as to provide easy access to most major arteries. Your escort will explain that if you have certain preferences, or whims for that matter, feel free to ask a vessel if they meet them. Most will gladly accommodate your desires. The recessed areas of the main and upper floors are dim and should provide relative privacy. Please respect other kindred’s privacy. If you take a doll, please escort it to Philip at the information desk when you are done. You are politely reminded that aggression, weapons of any kind, and displays of vampiric power are forbidden in Elysium, excepting the eldest present in extreme cases.

At two minutes past midnight, Gordon calls for the attention of the assembled.

“Thank you all for coming. As you well know, I am hosting some young kindred who were able to escape the carnage of the Toledo assault two nights ago. They survived a direct attack and a daytime journey to get here, and have obviously been uprooted and separated from their homes, clansmen, and affairs. As they adjust to their new situation and await word on the possibility of their return, I trust you will all join me in welcoming them into our community, and offer your assistance to their overcoming the challenges they may face in the nights ahead.

“Most of you have met already, but allow me to provide a formal introduction, for those who have not.

“ Marcel Covington, childe of Gillespie, childe of Tara, of clan Brujah. I have heard only good things about you. Welcome, sir.

“Mr. Alan Ramsey, childe of Richard Fisk, of clan Ventrue. Alan comes to us with high praise from his elders. We welcome you, Mr. Ramsey.

“Ms. Leonora Genovese, childe of Antonio, sponsored and taken as ward in Toledo by Deidre of clan Ventrue. We welcome you to our city.

“Mr. Ryan Malone, childe of Magdelena, of clan Gangrel. Mr. Malone lent his talents to the sheriff of Toledo on many occasions. Welcome, and please enjoy our hospitality.

“Not at all least, Mr. Daniel Drummond. Daniel was unfortunately estranged of his sire and had no proper mentoring as a fledgling. He found and pledged himself to the Camarilla, and was immediately sponsored by Carmen of clan Malkavian. He has been an exemplary citizen of the Toledo community. We welcome you, Mr. Drummond.

“You are all welcome to stay and get acquainted. There are some new art pieces on display downstairs. Please remember the morning staff arrives before dawn, and to have your business concluded by 5 a.m.”

With that, the Brujah elder thanks you each for indulging him, and asks you to come see him as a group before any of you leave the gathering. There are some technical things and princely decrees of which he is obliged to inform you, but he would rather not stifle your socialization with it now.


If you head over to the Characters page, you will see I have revealed the characters present at the library this evening.

My intention is NOT to have this little soiree take up two months of real time going back and forth with narrative conversations. I would instead like for each of you to plainly state your goals for the interactions. Examples would be finding general information on a topic, finding specific information on a topic, finding out everything you can about a certain kindred or a clan, etc
- “I will try to get a sense of what the kindred think happened in Toledo”
- “I am curious what other kindred really think of Willoghby.”
- “I do NOT want to come across as a buffoon.”

You might, of course, have multiple goals, but please prioritize them.

Please also define your strategy. You may talk to one or two kindred at length, or mingle and talk to most or all kindred briefly. The longer you focus on a conversation, the more you might discover, but the information may also be limited by that character’s perspective. Talking to kindred of equal status is easiest, and harder as you go up the totem pole. However, if you succeed in your dealings with elders, you will certainly gain greater rewards. Likewise, you risk greater failure.

Quick status refresher, low to high: neonate, ancilla, elder, seneschal, primogen, prince

I will interject on the behalf of the NPCs as I see fit, of course. If you would actually LIKE to have a back-and-forth with an NPC in character, I welcome it, and suggest we carry it out via facebook messenger or e-mail.

Good luck, team! Let’s get out there and give it our best! Remember- win or lose, you’ll probably know right away!


I have also posted this as a file in the fbook group. Put your comments there just so we are all seeing everything. Unless you don’t want the other players to see what you are up to. Then, by all means, PM or e-mail me, you conniving little conniver.

Night 2, The Library

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