Rochester by Night

Night 2, Vertex and Vortex

Pull Back the Curtain and Walk the Downward Spiral...

Club Vertex is near downtown Rochester, a quaint little red-bricked building on the outside, it’s an industrial goth club on the inside. The coterie all found their way to the VIP rope inside, and made their way to the Vortex Lounge, a masquerade sex fetish party hosted by Rose.

They were presented with a wall of masks, presumably for the taking, but determined to be some sort of message, perhaps from Rose. The unusual arrangement and stylings of the masks suggested they represented something or (somebody’s) else. There was a second wall, smaller, filler with animal-themed masks.

The coterie met several neonates at Vortex:

Bu-on al-Ni, Toreador – polite and friendly, if not a bit on the quiet side. Seemed very comfortable carousing among the kine. Middle eastern and bald, slight accent.

Dwayne Whitman, Gangrel – One of the Sheriff’s hounds. Laid back, but definitely a thumb breaker.

Hunter Kincaid, Caitiff – 90s metal head, sponsored by Rose.

Sean Choi, Brujah – Clan-bonded with Marcel a bit. Says Ventrue give Gordon grief due to actions of some brujah who aren’t around any more. One of them was his childe.

Sylvia, Malkavian – “Adopted” Childe of Rose. Was quiet, but observant. Had a playful intelligence about her.

Ward and Cassidy were there, too.

There was a performance piece put on, which seemed to symbolize a struggle between vampires and werewolves. An actor presumably representing Patterson refused to intervene in the conflict, instead engaging with the elder werewolf intimately.



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