Rochester by Night

Off to the Hunt!

Sponge it up

The Brujah elder takes his leave, and the young kindred from Toledo choose their rooms and get their keys from Craig. The rooms are all very similar, each with two twin beds, a separate bathroom, a window on the front and back walls, heavy curtains, and an old-fashioned key-locked door. Each closet has extra linens, a blanket, and a 10′×10′ blue tarp (still in package). There’s towels and toiletries in the bathroom, and an old school fat TV on the dresser.

Upon request, Craig steps out to pick up some clothes for Alan and a gift for Ryan. The Gangrel is in no shape to hunt, still missing a good portion of his right arm, showing nasty wounds on his neck, and still with a dent in the left side of his head. The elder’s servant returns just before nine o’clock with a few nice outfits for Alan and a five gallon bucket of pig’s blood for Ryan.

Once cleaned up, everyone except Ryan is off to the hunt. Daniel is first out, and decides to go it alone. He walks the streets toward the bright lights, taking care to note the locations of ATMs, traffic cameras, surveillance feeds, and churches. As luck would have it… they are everywhere. He stays to the shadows as best he can, has a successful night of hunting. He returns to the motel by one a.m., where he finds Ryan trying to manipulate a dollar bill into a soda machine with his off (and only) hand. They start a conversation that goes quickly from Ryan’s need for a Coke to what the heck was up with Omar.

Alan, and Leonora head out to the Lovin’ Cup Bistro, where they are later met by Marcel. The boys carouse the patrons for sustenance, while Leonora seduces a hardy young man back to his apartment. She manages to get back to the Bistro by closing time, feeling a bit inebriated but far less hungry. The three find an all-night eatery to stalk, and collectively carouse their way into more opportunity. They get back to the motel around four in the morning, feeling mostly sated.

Alan’s retainer, Samantha, arrives in his other car shortly thereafter, bringing his essential wardrobe and electronics for keeping up with his business interests. She has unfortunate news for the state of his affairs in Toledo, though all is not lost. He will be able to make some insurance claims, and potential liquidate some assets if moving back to Toledo proves unfeasible.



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