Rochester by Night

Three months later...

Downtime Flies When You're Havin' Fun

Alan Ramsey is now staying at the Raddison on Jefferson. It’s not a luxury hotel by any stretch, but it is a major step up in comfort from the Highlander. He is on the basement level, with a half-window that escapes to the parking lot in each of the two adjoining rooms being provided. There is a very solid door in each room, between the rooms, which can be locked or left open. The Raddison is conveniently right up the street from Lovin’ Cup Bistro, your favored hunting spot, and it has a decent bar/lounge with no shortage of travelers just staying a night and looking for a handsome young man to share a glass of wine with.

Marcel has spent much of his recent nights making arrangements for his eventual purchase of the former Tech Noir building. Rose has granted access to the building to his allies, who are in the process of orchestrating it’s renovation.

Leonora has a “job” at the local Urgent Care clinic, where she takes extra blood draws whenever she can, or fails to dispose of vials and instead keeps them. She has banked several blood points worth of vitae, and hasn’t had to resort to carousing for blood in over two weeks.

Ryan has connected with a small-time criminal, Julio, whom he knows works for a loosely-organized network known as “Los Diablos”, which is short for a much longer name that is something like “Los Diablos Rojos de Ixtapaluca”. From what Ryan can gather, the red devils are based in Mexico, and they have a very small presence here. Still, there are probably some power players involved somewhere along the line, and it would be best to be cautious.

Daniel has been keeping his eyes and ears open for strange goings on in and around the city, but especially Henrietta. There have been a handful of unsolved homicides in the past two months, though there hasn’t been much coverage of the events in the media. For a town this size, that seems like it should be a big deal. There are four students from the Rochester Institute of Technology (located in Henrietta) who have gone missing. Two female roommates and two seemingly unconnected males.



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