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Welcome to Rochester by Night!

I’ll be using mostly V:tM 20th anniversary rules.

The game will take place almost exclusively on-line. I do not anticipate being able to coordinate any real-time group gaming via Skype. I expect threads will be formed, and players can interact with each other and the NPCs at their discretion, and I will post events and action summaries as needed.

Obviously, this slows the game down considerably, however, I will make efforts to keep it as streamlined and as engaging as I can.

If you would like to participate, please let me know, and have a look at the Character Creation guidlines below.

Character Creation

Use the 20th Edition VtM sheet

Standard creation, ATTRIBUTES: 3/5/7 ABILITIES: 5/9/13 DISC: 3, 15 freebies

Camarilla Character – Your character is a loyal member of the Camarilla. You are not even “secretly” loyal to some other faction or power.

Neonate – You are a neonate. You may not take additional points in the background ‘Status’. You start the game with 1 dot of Status. This does not count against your points budget.

Tremere excluded. You may not play a Tremere.

Nosferatu Excluded. You may not play a Nosferatu.

You may play a non-camarilla, non-antiribu clan, but run it by me first (before you spend time on making the character). These clans include Lasombra, Giovanni, Ravnos, etc, etc.

You may take up to 7 points in Merits. Do not take Meirts that require your character to be established in a city. Your character is newly re-located.

You may take up to 7 points in flaws. Do not take Flaws that require your character to be established in a city. Your character is newly re-located.

Merits and Flaws are subject to Storyteller approval.


The 5th dot rule: you may only raise an attribute or ability to rank 5 with freebie points. Each 5th dot you assign costs an additional freebie point for each attribute or ability already at rank 5. (The first one is normal cost, the second costs 2 freebies, the third three freebies, etc.)

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